Already on sale Cantables / Singable, an album that does not leave anyone indifferent because it contains much talent as richness and nuances.


New disc "Cantables / Singable"

The third album by Feten Feten, a unique instrumental duo created by the musicians Jorge Arribas and Diego Galaz (from Burgos, Spain), going by the title of “Cantables”, will be released on 1st April this year, although it’s currently available on digital pre-sale. “Cantables” is a jewel of exceptional beauty, one of those rarities that once in a while burst into the musical scene leaving an unforgettable mark. It’s an album that will leave no one indifferent, because it contains as much talent as it does musical wealth and nuances. It’s the fusion of the recognizable Feten sound with the stunning lyrics of Argentinian Sebastian Schon and the interpretation of a cast of top national and international artists that combine experience with youth. Lyrical, thoughtful, profound, possessing a personal and exclusive style that has carried it to success within its genre.

The álbum is currently on digital pre-sale at the following link and will be sold in physical format starting on 1st April at Fnac, the Corte Inglés, etc. On our webpage, you can only get “Fetén Fetén” (2011) and “Bailables” (2014).

For Sebastian Schon, the album’s producer, “It has a special magic. It’s an indefinable album but at the same time universal. And it has the quality of each and every one of the people who have participated in the making of it. It seems to me to be something unique because it has roots but at the same time offers something new. It has the virtue of combining both things.” For the Argentinian musician and producer, having written the lyrics for these songs was a challenge, but it wasn’t especially complicated because, he assures, “the lyrics were written in the music, and I just had to translate them! Diego and Jorge have a special energy that completely transmits what they do. I got in tune with them as a producer, lyricist and musician.” This connection was increased and completed with the participation of the guest singers, “a splendid group of artists that made the lyrics and the music come together marvelously.

Twelve artists who, with their talent and voice, make this album an absolute jewel. Cantables (Singables), twelve songs, twelve voices.

  1. Detrás del Mar – with Natalia Lafourcade
  2. Me Quedo Aquí – with Fito Cabrales
  3. Treinta de Febrero – with Kevin Johansen
  4. Ni Tú Ni Yo – with Rozalén
  5. Vengo de Lejos – with Melingo
  6. Alegría – with Arnaldo Antunes
  7. Por Casualidad – with Julieta Venegas
  8. Nueva Nostalgia – with Vicentico
  9. Aquella Foto – with Pedro Guerra
  10. En la Espuma – with María Ezquiaga
  11. Viajar y Viajar – with Andrés Suarez
  12. Ganando el Tiempo – with Jorge Drexler