The spanish duo Fetén Fetén will be celebrating their tenth anniversary career this 2022.

After more than a 1,000 concerts visiting dozens of countries around the world, they will be sharing with us a show in which they will review their most emblematic songs with a journey through the history of their music, rooted in popular and traditional footprints, but endowed with the imagination and originality with which Jorge Arribas and Diego Galaz have been surprising us for a decade. All of this accompanied, of course, by their love for unusual and extraordinary instruments that has made their shows surprising and fun for all audiences.

Ten years of joy, ten years of music.


The music of this original formation is a contemporary reading of traditional music and popular dance music, genres that inspire and honor them using imagination and creativity as flags.

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Feten´s Book

El Mágico Planeta de los instrumentos insólitos  (2019)

You can now get the book created by Fetén together with designer Laura Mayo. Recommended for girls and boys from 6 to 100 years old, it’s a guide for travelling with us through wonderful places and characters that inhabit our Magical Planet of Unusual Instruments.

Designed and illustrated by the great Laura Mayo, the book is intended as a guide to human values and reflections on creativity, ecology, recycling, respect, different cultures, peace, joy, and love among all beings on this planet ... As always, our musical gadgets are the stars.

It’s also been designed as a complement to the didactic-musical work in music schools and schools. Using the following form, it can be reserved.

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