“Melodías de Ultramar” is now available digitally online and physically from our webpage. This is our latest album, a trip through Fetén melodies fortunate enough to have the recording and production of Carlos Raya...we couldn’t be happier!


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By phone +34 606 268945 / +34 609 408567 / +34 637 229223

Booking at Austria and Germany:  Christiane Gonzalez Mayoral

              Mayoral Artists Management


              móvil: +43 676 64 64 705

Booking at LatinAmerica: Magda Valdivia(Hadaverde) and Tania Martínez (Mutta Music)

              HadaVerde Promotora Cultural:magda.valdivia7@gmail.com

              Mutta Music: muttamusic@gmail.com

             (+52 1 55) 23066465         

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