“Melodías de Ultramar” is now available digitally online and physically from our webpage. This is our latest album, a trip through Fetén melodies fortunate enough to have the recording and production of Carlos Raya...we couldn’t be happier!


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Concierto familiar Café Babel. Torrelodones

Concierto familiar Café Babel. Torrelodones

Café Babel. Torrelodones

Café Babel. Torrelodones

We offer a contemporary interpretation of traditional music and folk dance music, styles that inspire us and that we want to honor using our imagination and creativity. We are two lovers of unusual musical instruments, that’s why in our shows, in addition to conventional instruments like the violin or the accordion, we play weird instruments such as saws, trumpet violins, phono violins or the camping chair flute.”

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3yjazz. Madrid. AC Recoletos

Concierto de Fetén Fetén y Miguel Malla en Ac Recoletos Jazz.



Concierto de Fetén Fetén en Teruel.

Iglesia de San Pedro 19:00. Fundación Amantes de Teruel.